August 3, 1957

MACEDONIAN ISSUE: London, 1 (From our correspondent in the UK) – According to a report in the British magazine Time and Tide, Russian politics is currently focusing on reviving the so-called Macedonian question for the purpose of: a) attracting Yugoslavia with tempting proposals; b) restructuring the Slav alliance in the Balkans; and c) opening up a corridor to Albania. The leaders of Yugoslavia, however, appear reserved, particularly following the failure of talks in Moscow. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis, upon being informed of reports that Moscow is trying to create a Macedonian question at Greece’s expense, has made the following statement: «On this question, the government has no information. We rule out the possibility that Yugoslavia, a friendly country, would enter into such talks. However, were that to happen, it would take place among people who have no sense of realism and who are ignorant of the determination with which Greece would deal with such an eventuality under any circumstances.» Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Evangelos Averof held a long meeting with the Yugoslav ambassador in Athens yesterday.