Watchdogs must be seen to be working

The so-called «independent authorities» are a part of the state. They are funded by taxpayers to perform a specific task. But their members do not, and should not, belong to the civil service hierarchy. However this does not mean they should be unaccountable. They must be subject to strict assessment and be criticized when they fail in some task for which they are generously paid. It appears however that while members of these authorities are paid according to private sector criteria, they work along public sector lines. Many of the authorities not only fail to complete their designated tasks within the self-imposed timetable, but they also close down in August. Sure, a hard-working official has every right to take a break. But in the case of these authorities, officials must first provide proof of their industriousness. To do this, they must release the findings of their investigations. Otherwise, it could be considered that they spent the entire year without working.