Political asylum for bricks and mortar

The rectors’ council of the University of Crete made a rational decision – and a brave one for Greece – when it decided to lift the so-called «university asylum» for the summer months (when the university is closed) after a string of incidents involving drugs and other crimes on the campus. One has to wonder at those who have objected to the decision because even if one claims that the asylum legislation is aimed at protecting the free movement of ideas, there is no such movement during the summer season when both the student body and faculty are absent. Unless some believe that the rule applies to the institution’s bricks and mortar. Crete’s rectors are worthy of praise. Not only because they won’t grant asylum to every criminal on the premises but mostly because they have shown up the hypocrisy of all those who champion legislation in favor of asylum, those who disguise themselves as the champions of the free movement of ideas.