August 7, 1957

OVATION FOR CALLAS: 6 – Last night, 4,000 Greeks and foreigners gave a standing ovation to Maria Meneghini-Callas at her first appearance at the Herod Atticus Theater with the Athens Festival. As Callas appeared wearing an evening gown of red and white, she was given an enthusiastic welcome. The evening’s repertoire gave Callas the opportunity to win over the crowd with her rare singing voice and incomparable artistic technique. Without exaggeration, it can be said that Callas literally charmed her audience who applauded enthusiastically, creating a deeply emotional atmosphere both for the public and for the distinguished soprano, who blew kisses in return and bowed deeply as she was cheered and applauded for several minutes after each song. All those who were at the Herod Atticus Theater last night had a very emotional cultural experience. The Greek public honored Callas and she honored them in return with her perfect artistry. It was a major triumph for her. The crowd’s enthusiasm reached a peak when Callas, after several curtain calls, gave an encore of part of the final aria in her program. The concert was broadcast live on state radio.