Irregularities on the coastal road

If one wants to understand the reasons why Greece’s chronic problems remain unsolved, one only has to take a look at the controversy surrounding the nightclubs on southern Athens’s coastal road. The latest case involves a property owner who was granted a license to run a cafeteria or restaurant but actually went on to build a noisy nightclub. The municipality then revoked his permit on the grounds that the venue didn’t comply with its designated use; that decision was upheld in court. However, the Regional Authority has canceled the municipality council decision on the grounds of a formality. Given that cafeterias do not have to meet the same security standards as nightclubs, the question is who will be responsible should an accident occur in this or another of these jam-packed venues? The regional governor has taken on a huge responsibility by shunning the court ruling as well as a municipal council decision. The prosecutor should investigate these rulings.