Myths, magic and marketing

Having read the most excellent article of Mr Nikos Konstandaras via the online edition (July 23, 2007, «Myths, magic and marketing»), I would like to congratulate your paper on publishing the best commentary I have read to date on Harry Potter and his author J.K. Rowling. Not only written with sympathetic understanding, common sense and excellent taste, it is greatly refreshing and encouraging after all the hysterical hype and rather unpleasant financial details to which we have all been subjected for so long. It rehabilitates, if this was at all necessary, or at least underlines Rowling’s integrity as a truly inspired and dedicated artist, and conveys a salutary lesson to all about what is really important in literature… if not the book world, these days. I hope and trust you ensure that it is widely distributed to as many people as possible to read… and that you will also send it to Rowling personally, or at least to her publisher… I am sure that they will find it more than welcome. DR KATHIE SOMERWIL-AYRTON MS, Amsterdam, Netherlands.