Greed killed quality tourism

I have read with interest your comment on Greek tourism in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. We have visited FYROM many times and I have to say that when we talked to the local people there, the one thing they don’t want is Greeks visiting their country. I know you Greeks regard this as a Third World country as you do Albania, but we have visited both countries in the last few months and there is a world of difference. In both countries, we found what we found in Greece some 30 years ago. Respect, genuine hospitality and good manners. Alas, this doesn’t apply any more, which is why we know that you no longer have quality tourists. And before you cite Corfu and all the other places where you have low-quality British tourists, the Greeks have only themselves to blame in these areas. They drove out the decent people a long time ago. Now their only concern is greed and I first read about this greed in your newspaper. You have been blessed with a beautiful country but I wish the Greek people were proud of it and looked after it. JOHN HICKLING, United Kingdom.