August 9, 1957

GREEK-TURKISH FRIENDSHIP: Istanbul, 7 – Turkish police have deported Greek national Theodoros Markizos, the owner of the Greek-language weekly Ephemeris, on charges of having published articles «that harm Greek-Turkish friendship and were harmful to Turkey.» EDITH HAMILTON: Education Minister Achilleas Gerocostopoulos gave a luncheon yesterday at the Athenee Palace Hotel for the American writer Edith Hamilton, who is presently on a visit to Athens and a guest of the Greek government. Gerocostopoulos presented Hamilton with an award from King Pavlos and in his welcoming speech said: «For a number of years, Miss Hamilton, a devotee of Greek culture, has cultivated Greek ideals and made a major contribution to American letters. Her work is deeply and justifiably appreciated by the American public, whom she has taught the values of the culture of the ancient world. We as Greeks are particularly grateful to her and we thank her for that work.» In reply, Hamilton said that Greece had provided her with more than she had to Greece. Last night at the Herod Atticus Theater, a large audience applauded warmly when Hamilton entered.