By popular demand

The ongoing crimes on the part of all those responsible for the industries that are polluting the Asopos River in Viotia has been highlighted over and over again. Both Skai and Kathimerini have waged a campaign to draw attention to the problem, which is none other than the release of extremely dangerous substances, mostly industrial waste, into drinking water that is poisoning the water supply of the tens of thousands of people who live and work in the area. On June 19, a court imposed fines, none of which was more than 5,000 euros. Those found guilty may not have returned to their old ways but the results of recent surveys and samples taken from the water show that the practice has not stopped. As Kathimerini pointed out at that time, it is much cheaper for the perpetrators to pay the meager amounts they may be fined than to spend money processing their waste before releasing it into the river. In yesterday’s editorial, Kathimerini underlined that «voters demand that (MPs of all parties) ignore the political costs of clashing with financial interests which put their own gains before environmental protection» and observed that «the situation (on the Asopos) is growing worse, while the government, entangled in its own red tape, is little more than a bystander.» It is clear that it is not enough to pass laws, to impose fines or for the few environmental organizations to get the message across. Unless everyone gets involved, the crime being committed on the Asopos, or anywhere else, will be continued by those who have something to gain and are able to fill their own bathtubs and swimming pools with French bottled water. However, the inhabitants of industrial zones and their children will continue to drink the poison that industrialists have consciously poured into their water supply in the name of competition.