Seeking solutions from the experts

It is quite clear that Greece has entered the final stretch in the countdown to general elections, the prospect of which has dominated political debate for months. And unfortunately the average Greek knows what to expect over the next few weeks: Insipid verbal duels on television talk programs and hackneyed political rhetoric are the order of the day. But the problems afflicting our country are serious and must be debated responsibly if they are ever to be solved. As of today, Kathimerini is appealing to the technocrats and specialist managers in Greek public life to direct certain key questions toward our politicians, irrespective of their affiliation. Problems relating to our environment, as well as widespread corruption and poor public administration all need to be solved in the near future if our standard of life is to improve. But unfortunately Greek politicians have become accustomed to generalized wishful thinking and it is very difficult to convince them to speak out on specific subjects (or offer concrete solutions). Meanwhile, the chronic problems plaguing our society are perpetuated. Kathimerini believes that questions leveled by experts could highlight specific cures for the ills afflicting our country and help the different political parties see eye to eye. If such an approach works, then, after the elections, we may witness a similar situation to that in Spain or Germany when both prime ministers and the leaders of the opposition met in the same room with experts to discuss pension reform or other intractable problems and did not emerge again until they had agreed on bold solutions.