August 14, 1957

USA-SYRIA: Washington, 14 – The American government, after having publicly expressed its anger at the accusation leveled at it by the Syrian government that it conspired to overthrow the Syrian regime, is to ask the Syrian ambassador here to provide explanations regarding certain radio programs in Damascus and the expulsion of three US diplomatic personnel from Syria. At the same time, in Damascus, the guard detail at the American Embassy has been increased, those alleged to be involved in the plot are being interrogated and preparations are being made for martial law should the need arise. REBEL FORCES IN OMAN: London, 14 – According to reports from Oman, all is quiet in the areas occupied by British troops. Although British air force planes are continuing to patrol the area, they have not managed to find more than a group of 40 men from the Imam’s rebel force. KAZANTZAKIS: According to literary circles, the writer Nikos Kazantzakis has decided to come to Greece for Christmas and will visit his birthplace on the island of Crete. (Ed. note: Eventually, Kazantzakis never did get to Greece – he died on October 26, 1957 in Freiburg, Germany.)