August 15, 1957

ATHENS WATER SUPPLY: An important announcement regarding the water supply to the capital was released yesterday by Minister for Transport and Public Works Georgios Rallis. As of Sunday, August 25, water from the Yliki River will flow at a rate of 60,000 cubic meters a day into the Marathon Dam. In due course, and when the project is completed, the quantity of water will increase steadily until July 1, 1958, when the daily inflow could be as much as 160,000 cubic meters a day. Therefore, there is absolutely no more risk of drought in the region. NIKOS MOSCHONAS: The Vienna State Opera gave a very successful performance at the Herod Atticus Theater last night of Mozart’s opera «The Magic Flute» starring the famous Greek baritone of the Metropolitan Opera Nikos Moschonas. The distinguished soprano Wilma Lipp, also of the Vienna State Opera, in the role of Pamina, was also excellent, as was the tenor Waldemar Kmentt and baritone Alfred Pehl – so well known from recordings – in the role of Papageno. The choir also made a favorable impression, as it sang in German after being trained by Elli Nikolaidou. Moschonas was unequaled in the role of Sarastro.