August 17, 1957

PURGE IN THE USSR: Copenhagen, 16 – Denying rumors that Vyacheslav Molotov has died, the leader of the Communist Party of Denmark Axel Larsen, who returned here on August 14 from Moscow, has made the following statement in his party’s official newspaper: «Molotov, Kaganovich, Malenkov and Shepilov have been removed from the Central Committee and relieved of their ministerial positions, but have undertaken other posts. Aside from the above, no other measure has been taken against them, nor are they to be referred for trial.» USA-SYRIA: Washington, 14 – The American government, after having publicly expressed its anger at the accusation leveled at it by the Syrian government that it conspired to overthrow the Syrian regime, is to ask the Syrian ambassador here to provide explanations regarding certain radio programs in Damascus and the expulsion of three US diplomatic personnel from Syria. At the same time, in Damascus, the guard detail at the American Embassy has been increased, those alleged to be involved in the plot are being interrogated and preparations are being made for martial law should the need arise.