Alliances needed on key issues

There are certain problems that the major political parties, or indeed the smaller ones, will be able to resolve only together. If political parties – at least the major ones – fail to show a spirit of cooperation and a common sense of responsibility (as well as a common grasp of political cost) then chronic maladies such as the problem with the pension system will never be remedied. We will never see any radical – or even superficial – attempts to tackle the problems riddling the state education sector if the majority of our political parties continue to tacitly cover up for vested interests and the obsessions of certain social groups. What hopes can we foster for a solution to the dispute over the official name of the neighboring Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) when virtually the entire international community, including the world media, has recognized the country as the Republic of Macedonia despite Greek objections that the name implies territorial claims on part of northern Greece? The problem is that no political party is likely to publicly acknowledge this name as this would instantly give the opposition the advantage of what is perceived as the moral high ground. But if certain key initiatives that need to be taken cannot be taken by one party alone, then all the sides should join forces and take action collectively.