August 21, 1957

KARAMANLIS-NASSER: Cairo, 19 – Greek Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis, in an interview here today, said that President of Egypt Gamal Abdel Nasser had accepted his invitation to visit Greece but that the date of the visit had not yet been set. Referring to his talks with Nasser, Karamanlis said that they had been carried out in «an atmosphere of sincere friendship.» «We discussed the Cyprus problem and were in agreement that the Cypriot people’s right to self-determination should be recognized,» said Karamanlis. He also announced that many of his delegation would remain in Egypt to continue negotiations with Egyptian government officials. CHINA: Beijing, 19 – The «struggle against rightists» is continuing in Shanghai, according to Beijing radio. The Communist Party of China has been waging that struggle with unprecedented brutality. Members of the cinema, theater and music world are holding repeated meetings to «remove rightist elements» from their ranks. WEATHER: The temperature has finally dropped. As of yesterday afternoon, a cool breeze began to blow, relieving the extreme heat for city-dwellers.