August 23, 1957

GEORGE PAPANICOLAOU: The famous Greek oncologist George Papanicolaou, who arrived in Athens a few days ago, gave a press conference at the Hotel Grande Bretagne yesterday. First of all, he expressed his gratitude to the press for its help in making the world’s public aware of the problem of cancer and the importance of early diagnosis, the most important medical issue worldwide. The distinguished professor then referred to the worldwide practice of using the «Papanicolaou method,» which is a major step forward in the attempt to diagnose cervical cancer at an early stage. The test has certainly saved hundreds of thousands of women who were able to be diagnosed in time to take advantage of treatment that is of little help at advanced stages. The method is simple and does not require special equipment nor great expense, as the cost in the US is about two dollars (about 60 drachmas) per person. CHINA: Paris, 22 – Beijing radio has broadcast a report that some «selfish» villagers in the region of Hai Ang Tang in Hunan province, the birthplace of Mao Tse-Tung, have been causing great trouble to the authorities, who only had themselves to blame for not properly educating the masses.