Judge not, lest you be judged

Months were needed for Giorgos Zorbas to prepare his report on the bond scandal but just a few hours for certain individuals to apportion blame to a number of government officials. From a complex, investigative process with numerous parameters and many leading figures, some preferred to draw simplistic conclusions. The bond scandal does indeed exist, but it has many and difficult aspects. Hastily drawn conclusions help no one, particularly when they are based – at least so far – on subjective opinions and the depositions of persons not directly involved. In the vortex of mutual accusations and political games, citizens want to learn the truth, without fear and without passions. The so-called Zorbas report is one component of an extensive investigation begun by the judicial authorities. Before leaping to conclusions, one has an obligation to wait for the verdict of Justice. In such circumstances, everyone is judged. Even those who sit in judgment.