August 24, 1957

CYPRIOT STRUGGLE: Nicosia – Security forces have sealed off the village of Pera in the mountains of Cyprus and imposed a curfew on the inhabitants. Soldiers, accompanied by three civilians, then carried out a house-to-house search, during the course of which they arrested Haralambos Pitsillos, 50, and Costas Savvas, 30, both farmers, who were later freed after being questioned for one-and-a-half hours. Security forces also surrounded the village of Tornarides and conducted a search for wanted individuals. Vehicles on the Limassol-Platres road were searched by soldiers. Yesterday Costas Hatziandreou, 18, and Andreas Haralambous were arrested in Limassol for allegedly carrying loaded revolvers and ammunition. Carrying and transporting weapons are crimes punishable by death. The two youths, according to the local Associated Press correspondent, appear to be implicated in recent murders in Limassol and belong to the National Organization of Cypriot Fighters (EOKA). This is seen as indications that EOKA might be preparing to launch fresh attacks against the British.