August 25, 1957

CYPRIOT STRUGGLE: In Famagusta, a special court condemned Minas Christou, 20, a civilian staff member of a military service, to two years’ imprisonment for distributing leaflets for the Cypriot Struggle Political Committee (PEKA). This is the heaviest sentence ever imposed for such a crime. Meanwhile, Greek organizations, clubs and religious associations on the island as well as the Famagusta branch of the association for human rights have sent a large number of telegrams to the island’s administration asking for a pardon for journalist Nikos Sampson, who is facing the death sentence. The decision as to whether he is to be executed or pardoned will be made during the coming week. GEORGE PAPANICOLAOU: The famous Greek oncologist George Papanicolaou, who arrived in Athens just a few days ago, gave a press conference at the Hotel Grande Bretagne yesterday. In his opening remarks, he expressed his gratitude to the press for its help in making people around the world more aware of the problem of cancer and the importance of early diagnosis in efforts to treat the pathological condition.