Time to apportion blame

A new harsh reality is upon us in Greece. What we have seen over the past few days is not just a major disaster, but a crime that had been waiting to happen. We all know the country had been experiencing an extended drought that created the conditions for major fires. We all failed to take the necessary precautions. Everyone… from local government, central government, local communities and we the people. Some people are speaking of an «asymmetrical environmental threat.» The question that any mature society would ask is: who knew about that threat, what did they do to avert it and why didn’t they succeed? We are talking about serious responsibilities on the part of both major parties. Now we must all rise to the occasion until the tragedy is over. But we must also find out who is to blame, what went wrong. Let us not look for conspirators when it was we who left the stable door wide open. The time has come for apportioning blame, if we are to avoid experiencing another summer like this one.