August 29, 1957

EISENHOWER: Washington, 28 – US President Dwight D. Eisenhower today expressed his deep disappointment with Russia’s rejection of the West’s disarmament plan. In an official statement read to the press, he appeared to paint a bleak picture regarding the US government’s view of the future in view of much fanfare in Moscow over Russian scientists’ success in constructing an intercontinental missile. Moreover, today the head of Soviet military technology in an article in the press expressed the certainty that the missile could destroy any target, anywhere in the world. MAKARIOS: Washington, 28 – The White House and the US State Department will not receive Archbishop Makarios of Cyprus on his arrival in the USA. This statement… shows that official US policy leans toward that of Britain, and that the Cyprus issue should be resolved through tripartite talks in which it would exercise all its influence toward achieving a settlement. Meanwhile, the East Berlin newspaper Neue Welt, the official organ of the East German Communist youth group, has published an interview by its Athens correspondent with Archbishop Makarios.