Absence of planning

It makes one wonder what conservative government officials have been up to until now. Now that the government has finally decided to push ahead with important reforms on property and clamp down on tax cheats in the fuel sector, it appears that the administration has no plan to implement them. Everyone is aware of the illegal fuel trade and everyone is calling for a change in the tax system, yet the National Economy and Finance Ministry does not have any detailed plan to return the paid taxes to households. Another example is that the administration is still looking for a way to record property in order to tax it. But such omissions are taking a heavy toll on the government’s credibility and could in fact undermine the new measures at their offing. All those who have been profiting from the shortcomings of the existing system have now found arguments to attack the reforms. The government must move forward with the tax changes as soon as possible. The new ministers only have a few days to carry out what their predecessors failed to in three-and-a-half years.