October 4, 1957

POLAND: London, 3 – The prohibition of the weekly newspaper Po Prostu has caused an uproar in Warsaw among polytechnic students and almost led to violent clashes with the police. The newspaper, which led the campaign to overthrow the Stalinists and supported the rise to power of Wladyslaw Gomulka, continues to advocate liberal developments despite instructions by the Communist Party. Therefore, the party leadership has ordered the closure of the newspaper, resulting in strong protests by students. Bloody clashes between students and police that could have led to unforeseen consequences were averted at the last moment thanks to the personal intervention of a student representative who recommended that the rally be broken up with the promise that the issue would be resolved. According to reports received after midnight, small groups of students tried to persist with the demonstrations but were violently dispersed by police using tear gas and who arrested a number of demonstrators. However the incident did not get out of hand, although it was indicative of the prevailing mood and the instability of the regime. It was the first hostile outburst against Gomulka since he took power a year ago.