October 8, 1957

FIRST ARTIFICIAL SATELLITE: London, 7 – For the third day, scientists in every country of the world have had turned their gaze skyward to catch a glimpse of the first artificial satellite to orbit the Earth. It is hoped that the launch of this space vehicle will pave the way for the conquest of space. According to reports, conclusions regarding its orbit drawn from Russian announcements and the implications for the military and political sectors are receiving close attention from the public in the United States, Australia and Europe. The entire Soviet press is paying tribute to the scientists and technicians involved in the mission. The daily newspaper Izvestia claims that «the Soviet people are already possessed of immeasurable strength, but as always are in favor of peaceful progress for humanity, so that the achievements of modern science can be used not for the arms race, but for the prosperity of the human race and above all, in the service of peace throughout the world.» FRENCH INSTITUTE: The French Institute of Athens is preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary.