October 16, 1957

KARAMANLIS TELLS TURKEY: Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis has made the following statement in view of the intransigence displayed yesterday on the Cyprus issue by Turkish Prime Minister Celal Bayar during a campaign speech: «If the Turkish prime minister, a candidate for a parliamentary seat, had not said what he did in order to win votes, it must be assumed that the powers that be in Turkey have lost all touch with reality. His intransigence is at odds with international public opinion and is widening the chasm created in relations between our two countries. We have always been moderate in our statements out of a desire to help Turkey eventually realize the correct position on the Cyprus issue. However, our neighbors should know that if they, who are in the wrong, mean to persist with their intransigence, then those who are in the right will be one hundred times more so.» WEST GERMANY – YUGOSLAVIA: London, 14 – West Germany is considering cutting off diplomatic relations with Yugoslavia. This development is due to Belgrade’s decision to recognize the government of East Germany.