October 19, 1957

CYPRUS: Strasbourg, 18 – The Council of Europe’s commission on human rights has issued an announcement today declaring it had accepted a representation submitted on July 17 by the Greek government against the British government referring to allegations of torture and other atrocities committed in Cyprus by the British authorities. This is the second such representation from Greece the commission is to examine with regard to Cyprus. The first, which was also accepted, referred to the violation of democratic freedoms. ALEXIS SOLOMOS: Crowds continue to flock to the Royal Theater to see performances of Shakespeare’s «Cymbeline,» staged by the National Theater Organization, directed by Alexis Solomos and with Vasso Manolidou in the leading role. Performances are to continue for another two weeks. Meanwhile, rehearsals are continuing apace for Christopher Fry’s play «The Dark is Light Enough,» directed by Alexis Minotis, who will play the lead opposite Katina Paxinou. YIANNIS MORALIS: Professor Ioannis Moralis has been appointed deputy director of the School of Fine Arts.