October 20, 1957

WEST GERMANY – YUGOSLAVIA: London, 19 – West Germany has severed diplomatic relations with Yugoslavia. Observers believe that while expected, this action is perhaps the first step in further developments regarding Yugoslavia’s relations with the Atlantic alliance and with Western states. Moreover, it is the first time since 1871 that Germany has broken off relations with any country in peacetime. The German foreign minister explained to the Yugoslav ambassador that the decision had been prompted by the fact that Yugoslavia had resumed diplomatic contacts with the communist regime in East Germany which the Bonn government does not recognize. In addition, it fears that Yugoslavia’s recognition of that regime could lead to other countries following suit, particularly in Asia and the Arab world. SOLAR ENERGY: The United States is exhibiting solar energy apparatus at the Modern Homes Exhibition. The equipment is extremely interesting, particularly as it is the first time Athenians will have the opportunity to see such technology. Ladies in particular will be interested in seeing the solar kitchen. The exhibition will be open until October 31 from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.