October 23, 1957

SIR HUGH FOOT: London, 21 – According to an official announcement today, the governor of Cyprus, Field Marshal Sir John Harding, is to be replaced next month by Sir Hugh Foot, currently governor of Jamaica. According to an official statement by the Foreign Office, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth has approved the appointment. Sir John Harding is to return to the UK on leave in early November and Sir Hugh Foot will assume his new duties on December 1. Political circles in London say that the change is of an administrative nature and in no way indicates that the British government believes there is any threat to the island’s internal security. However, it is thought that the appointment of a new governor is likely to mean that emergency measures currently in force could be eased. Already, Field Marshal Harding has abolished some of the curfew restrictions. Sir Hugh Foot, who entered government service in 1929, is from one of Britain’s most well-known liberal families. AIRSHIP EXPLOSION: An air balloon at the Hellenikon meteorological station exploded shortly before 11 a.m. yesterday causing a fire at the entrance to the American base. Three members of the fire brigade were injured.