October 24, 1957

SIR JOHN HARDING: Nicosia, 23 – Field Marshal Sir John Harding, who is leaving his post as governor of Cyprus next month, visited the Greek district of Nicosia under police guard and accompanied by three armored vehicles. It was only the second time during his two-year term of office in Cyprus that the outgoing governor risked visiting the Greek sector of the old town. Police imposed a curfew on Ledra Street before the governor’s arrival. Apart from Turkish-Cypriot police agents placed at vantage points, special jeeps patrolled the side streets. Harding’s secretary said today that the governor would like to see the city before he leaves the island. AIRSHIP EXPLOSION: An air balloon at the Hellenikon meteorological station, southern Athens, exploded shortly before 11 a.m. yesterday, causing a fire at the entrance to the American base. Three members of the fire brigade were injured while trying to extinguish the blaze. The Royal Greek Air Force’s Meteorological Service maintains a post at the airport with five employees whose duties include releasing a balloon every morning to observe air currents.