A load of old rubbish

As if the uncontrolled garbage dumps inundating the Greek countryside weren’t enough, now we have debris from Attica’s construction sites being dumped on hillsides and in fields. The only lawful dumping site for such materials, an old quarry in Koropi, has been shut down because of a Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works study that is inexcusably overdue. This problem has arisen because a presidential decree on the recycling of construction materials remains pending since 2001 due to the foot-dragging, in this case, of the Development Ministry. These delays and the lack of policies show that something is seriously wrong. Citizens are strongly feeling the absence of a single body responsible for environmental policy management and coordination. In practice, it appears that ministries have other priorities to tackle, leaving environmental issues to collect dust in the drawers of various ministries. And what is the price we pay? Our quality of life.