October 31, 1957

NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS: Iraklion, 30 (From our correspondent) – The people of Crete, and particulary the town of Iraklion, were deeply saddened by news of the death of Nikos Kazantzakis. His body is to be flown to the island by the end of the week. It has been reported that the deceased author will be buried either on top of a mountain above the town of Araches, on one of the pine-clad hills around the palace of Knossos, or on the hill of Vigla, near Eleftheria Square. Tomorrow evening the municipal council is to meet to decide on the funeral arrangements; the Cretan History Association has also offered to help. A statue of the late author is to be erected over his grave. PRAISE FROM GERMANY: Bonn, 30 (AP) -The entire German press and radio media have reported on the death of the Greek writer Nikos Kazantzakis in a clinic in Freiburg. The newspapers praised the man and his work, both widely known to the German public through translations of his books. The daily Die Welt said his writing was the product of a robust and courageous spirit. The Frankfurter Allgemeine said he was a «great personality of the written word, an amazing poet, a man with a broad education and an unquiet spirit.»