November 2, 1957

DIVISION OF CYPRUS: London, 1 – Great Britain is planning to resume negotiations aimed at a resolution of the Cyprus issue, according to Reuters correspondent Pamela Matthews, citing a source in the British capital «who is usually well informed and has said that Great Britain is soon to undertake a fresh initiative for an exchange of views on the Cyprus issue between Greece and Turkey.» The talks had been broken off in early fall. According to the same source, contacts could begin immediately after the Turkish elections. The British government does not think that the imminent debate on the Cyprus issue at the United Nations would necessarily be an obstacle to a continuing exchange of views… It is believed that the talks will be difficult, given that while Greece is adamant that the Greek majority on the island be granted self-determination, Turkey insists on dividing the island, claiming that this is the only acceptable solution possible since British rule of the island has ended. AGLAIA MITROPOULOU: (From «An Athenian’s Notes») – At the 12th International Conference of Cinema Historians, Greece will be represented by Aglaia Mitropoulou-Komninou, who will present the history of the growth of cinematic art in Greece.