November 3, 1957

GREECE IS EUROPE: (From «An Athenian’s Notes») I recently read in the society pages of the newspapers that a certain lady had «left for Europe.» If I am not mistaken, she did not leave from the United States or from Asia, but from Athens, the capital of this country, which is more European than the rest of the continent. Zeus brought the young Europa to Greece from Phoenicia. The British historian Freeman in his «General Geopolitical History of Europe,» writes about Greece that from one point of view it is the most European of all the countries in the continent because, more than any other country, Greece has the characteristics that are typical of the entire continent. That is, its landscape consists of a number of islands and peninsulas, its coastlines are a succession of bays and headlands. The Greek soil, its climate, its flora and fauna, everything about it constitutes a mirror of the entire European continent. And so do its people. DIMITRIOS EVRYGENIS: The board of the Greek Institute of International Law has unanimously decided to award its prize for 1956 to Thessaloniki University Professor Dimitrios Evrygenis.