November 6, 1957

SPUTNIK 2: London, 4 – Man’s second step into space took place yesterday morning, with the launch of Russia’s second artificial satellite, a major landmark for world history. People around the world were amazed by the Russian announcement that a second, and even larger, satellite was circling the earth, this time bearing a living being – a dog known as Laika, who has apparently survived the shock of of the launch. The first reactions to what American scientists is saying is an achievement that is six times greater than last month’s first space orbit, Sputnik 1, have come from both the USA and Britain, where there is disappointment and a hope that the West will at least win the third round in the scientific space race, during this year’s International Geophysical Year. It has been admitted, however, that if Russia’s progress in the sector of missiles and satellites has been as great as it appears, then the military and other repercussions of that progress will have to be carefully studied. So much was apparent in an announcement from the White House.