Disregard for the rule of law

Up to now, we knew that the law is not always enforced in Greece. Now we learn that the law is not enforced everywhere in Greece. There are places in the country where law enforcement is not self-evident – either because of tradition, as in some of the mountainous areas of Crete, or because of supposedly revolutionary reasons, as in Exarchia. Yesterday, the rule of law suffered a double defeat. Two districts of Greece struggled and eventually succeeded in exempting themselves from the law. Self-styled revolutionaries brandishing sledgehammers went on a rampage in central Athens demanding the release of a suspected armed bank robber. In Zoniana, near Rethymnon, Crete, gunmen ambushed a large police force that had been planning a drug search in the area, leaving three officers injured. Laws cannot be enforced selectively. They must apply to all Greeks across the country. The state must clamp down on the growing phenomenon of disregard for the rule of law.