November 7, 1957

NIKITA KHRUSHCHEV: Moscow, 6 – Nikita Khrushchev’s speech to the presidium of the Supreme Soviet today was pervaded by deep optimism about the future of the Soviet Union, and moderation toward the West, to which he addressed a number of proposals regarding coexistence. In a small dose of irony, he invited the United States to launch their own «Sputnik» into space, so as to create with the Russians a heavenly commonwealth of satellites. Referring to the word «Vanguard,» which the Americans have named their missiles, he said that the Russians had been the actual vanguards. Khrushchev criticized the Molotov group, two members of whom attended the Supreme Soviet session in their capacity as deputies, although they have been ousted from the positions they held in the Communist Party. LAVAGNINI THE PHILHELLENE: Professor Bruno Lavagnini, the director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Athens, has been awarded the Marzotto Prize for 1957 for his anthology of poems by the greatest modern Greek poets translated into Italian. Lavagnini is considered one of the most distinguished figures in Italian literature and has shown himself to be a true friend of Greece.