November 12, 1957

LAIKA: London, 11 – The question the whole world was asking yesterday was whether Laika, the space dog that is presently traveling on board the Soviet satellite Sputnik 2, was alive or dead. No positive answer has been given by the Russian scientists involved in the project. On the contrary, announcements have been made that have been generally disappointing, as it appears that there will be no new surprises from the Russians. After it was revealed that the first Sputnik had begun its descent, it was announced that the work of the second satellite had also ended. Russian Prime Minister Nikolai Bulganin said that it was now the Americans’ turn to launch satellites. The latest reports from Moscow refer to a reception at the Swedish Embassy where Bulganin said he had last heard that the four-legged astronaut was still alive. On Monday, said Bulganin, there had been no reports of Laika, but signals from Sputnik 2 on Sunday had included data on the dog’s pulse, heartbeat and blood pressure. TRIAL IN HUNGARY: Budapest, 9 – Rumors in Budapest regarding the trial of novelist Tibor Dery say only that the Hungarian people are very interested in the case. Officially, no such trial is being held.