Why doesn’t the government dive in?

Everyone is trying to figure out why nothing seems to be happening in terms of government initiatives. It is hard to imagine more ideal conditions for dealing with vested interests and forging ahead with the reforms in crucial sectors. New Democracy has won its second mandate and main opposition PASOK is experiencing a profound structural crisis whose outcome no one can be sure of. Moreover, society seems to be on a conservative course, ready to accept solutions that were taboo 10 years ago. The conditions are ideal, the seas are calm, the temperature is perfect, yet the government is afraid to dive in, preferring to remain on dry land, testing the temperature and waiting. What is it waiting for? One theory says that the government will make some serious judicial decisions as of today – that is, after the PASOK leadership is decided. Another theory is that the government is also considering resorting to polls once more and does not want to stir things up. The question here is what excuse it will give for asking the people to vote for it again.