Changing climate on climate change

It’s no doubt a welcome development that Greece’s academic community has mobilized over the growing environmental problems facing the planet by making the study of climate change a top priority of the country’s main university institution. The decision shows that Greek universities are not sealed off in a bubble but try to keep in tune with the needs and concerns of society. However, the most we can expect from a university is to sound the alarm bell. Scientists can only highlight the problem and propose some solutions. The second and more essential step is summoning the political will to tackle the problem. Such political will must come primarily from those who have pledged to protect the country from any threat. The government must realize that contemporary threats do not just emanate from countries eyeing national territory. Climate change is part of everyday life. This is not about Antarctica, but about our own home. The repercussions will not be felt at some point in the distant future. We can already sense them and we must deal with them now.