Law enforcement and political will

Developments in the Cretan village of Zoniana have shown two things. Firstly, that the total absence of the state generates lawlessness and, secondly, that petty crime leads to more serious things and eventually grows to become organized crime. And this is precisely what has been happening on the island of Crete in recent years. The strong presence of the police in the area over these past few weeks has succeeded in eliminating a malignant tumor with tangible results. It has proved that the state can do a lot when there is the requisite political will. The overwhelming success of operations in Zoniana has pleased the citizens of the country and has also set a positive precedent for the government. There are plenty of pockets of lawlessness in Greece that require the same determination. The success is being marked up as one of the government’s accomplishments, but everyone expects this policy to continue, to be applied everywhere and constantly.