Sure, but not right now

How many times have we heard the answer «not yet» to any sort of demand for modernization, to any proposal for reform. An electoral law that will ensure fair representation and cleanse the political arena? Certainly, just not right now… Why not? It’s too early, society isn’t ready, it will be disrupted. What will be disrupted? No answer. There may be one guess: Corruption and cronyism and inertia will be disrupted. In the case of the electoral law, for example, the present lack of action provides a comparative advantage to candidate MPs with plenty of money and access to the media. The beneficiaries of the situation don’t want any disruptions. Not right now. What about a separate environment ministry? Yes, of course, but not right now… Why? Because society is too immature. Because the environment is not under threat. Because the damage mends itself. Because major public projects are harmless and beneficial to the natural and human environment. Because industries don’t pollute rivers with their waste. Right… I believe you… just not right now. We could add to the list of «not nows» citing opposition toward all necessary changes, such as in education, health, local government organizations… Sure, changes are needed, just not right now. Shifting the urgent and the necessary from the present to the unforeseeable future, when conditions are deemed to be ripe, is not just a sign of incompetence. It is an act of self-interest. It is an act of sabotage. It sustains the lack of action and retards the progress of society as a whole. The only ones to benefit are those politicians who procrastinate, undermine and who whisper «not right now.»