November 17, 1957

DECLARATION: Nicosia, 16 – The National Organization of Cypriot Fighters (EOKA) threatened in a declaration issued tonight that it will resort to reprisals if British forces do not cease maltreating Cypriots. «Such maltreatment, of which the Nazis would be envious, has to cease immediately. We have abundant evidence showing what detainees suffer and, if the torture does not stop, we shall return it to those that perpetrate it,» said the declaration. It is the first time that EOKA has threatened the British authorities with reprisals. Separately, it was officially announced that British forces encircled the village of Zakaki near Limassol and carried out searches. The announcement said the searches yielded two British-type mortar shells. SIR JOHN HARDING: London, 16 – (From our correspondent) The official Labour Party organ, the Daily Herald, made sarcastic comments regarding the security measures adopted to guard the former British governor of Cyprus, Field Marshal Sir John Harding. The author then reports that when he went to visit Marshal Harding, he was met by pistol-carrying security men. Field Marshal Harding will continue being guarded for years, as he is still likely to be under threat from EOKA.