Politics, corruption and progress

Greece is in a very favorable position. Its prime minister, Costas Karamanlis, has managed to win two consecutive general elections despite attacks from business interests that insist on treating political parties as tools for the promotion of their own interests. The head of the government has consistently tried to stamp out corruption so that politics will no longer be blackmailed by outside interests, big or small. Greece is lucky that the Socialist opposition leader is singing the same tune. George Papandreou renewed his mandate as PASOK leader in spite of systematic attempts to undermine him both before and after the September 16 elections. Greece is fortunate to have two honest people in the country’s two most crucial posts. If the two men agree that politicians are not here to serve so-called extra-institutional interests, the will have taken a major step in the campaign to clean up Greece’s political system. The two will have an opportunity to write history and secure the political system against corruption and vested interests. However, they must back their pledges with deeds. People are fed up of pompous announcements.