November 20, 1957

SNARK MISSILE: London, 16 – Yesterday’s Associated Press interview with Soviet leader Nikita Khruschev, who threatened to destroy all Allied bases in Europe with intercontinental missiles, has apparently not made much of an impression in the West. The response from the Americans has come in the form of two achievements: the testing of the Snark intercontinental cruise missile at Cape Canaveral, and a nuclear explosion in space, a unique accomplishment for the defense of the United States against a long-range intercontinental missile. The Snark missile traveled from Florida to Ascension Island in the southern Atlantic Ocean, according to a semi-official announcement. Khruschev challenged the US to a peaceful competition to develop guided missiles. CANADIAN-BRITISH DONATION: The Canadian and British Foundation for the Protection of Children has sent 5 tons of second-hand clothing, bedding and 400 kilos of powdered milk to the victims of the storms in Messinia. KAMBANELLIS:The Art Theater is rehearsing for a performance of Iakovos Kambanellis’s play «Court of Miracles.»