High prices, saints and sinners

Every recent public opinion poll has shown that the issue of greatest concern to Greeks is the high cost of living. High prices may certainly be a symptom of an ailing Greek economy, but until these are curtailed, the state has the necessary mechanisms to tackle excesses in the market. One part of the rising cost of living is due to behind-the-scenes business agreements and forms of collaboration that are supposed to be prevented by the Competition Commission. But we are still waiting for this body to come to a decision on milk, a product that is doing its fair share of sucking family budgets dry. Citizens also expect the Development Ministry to wake up to the problem of rising costs. In the past, the ministry had managed to control excessive prices in the market by initiating a series of «gentlemen’s agreements.» Market inspections are neither required nor possible, but if even saints need to feel the fear of God before doing what’s right, one can only imagine what sinners need.