Daredevil radio presenters risk all

The social security issue is crucial and necessitates bold solutions. A number of administrations have given in to the demands of organized interests and professional groups, creating a monstrosity. Greek citizens should be aware of all the injustices of the social security system before forming an opinion. And this is something that cannot easily happen with the din of unionists screaming and the yellow-tinted reports delivered by some sections of the media. A prime example of the prevailing absurdity is the paradox of hazardous and unhealthy professions. How is it possible for the dancers of the Greek National Opera and state radio presenters to belong to this category? And how is it possible for Greece to be the only country in the world that lists 547 professions in this category? The time has now come and society demands that an end be put to this nonsense so that the state can protect those few who do indeed risk their lives and health in carrying out their occupations.