November 30, 1957

CYPRUS: London, 29 – The cautious optimism that was triggered by rumors about the initial measures to be taken by Cyprus’s new governor Sir Hugh Foot have faded after reliable reports that the British government does not appear willing to abandon its policy of seeking a solution to the Cyprus problem through direct negotiations between Britain, Turkey and Greece. Meanwhile, the British authorities are concerned at the «revival of terrorism» after the resumption of fresh action by the National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization (EOKA), whose fighting capability and weaponry is undisputed. To counter EOKA, the Turkish Resistance group is being set up, a new organization of Turkish Cypriots that has proclaimed the dissolution of the Volkan group and urges the Turkish-Cypriot minority to await orders to fight. Meanwhile British officials are accusing EOKA and its leader Georgios Grivas («Digenis») of violating the truce and preventing the commencement of negotiations between Sir Hugh Foot and Archbishop Makarios. DIMITRIS RONTIRIS: Performances of Dimitris Rontiris’s production of Shakespeare’s «Twelfth Night» begin Thursday at the Piraeus Municipal Theater.