December 4, 1957

INDONESIA: London – It was announced in The Hague today that negotiations were under way to arrange for the departure of Dutch nationals from Indonesia who wish to be repatriated, estimated at some 60,000 people in various parts of the archipelago. In The Hague, Dutch police officers armed with automatic weapons were guarding the Indonesian Embassy today as a preventive measure due to the tension in relations between the two countries. According to reports from Jakarta, workers in the Indonesian capital have taken over three of the largest firms. The military authorities have prohibited workers from taking over Dutch businesses without the approval of the government. The Indonesian foreign minister said in New York yesterday that Indonesia would not use force to settle its differences with the Netherlands. AMERICAN GIFTS: Dolls made by American schoolgirls have been donated to the Kaisariani Nursery School for its pupils. During a ceremony yesterday morning, 100 dolls were handed out to children by representatives of an American organization whose mission is to provide assistance to poor orphans.