Tight measures are paying off

The newly introduced security measures at Greece’s soccer grounds have begun to bear fruit. The identification by the police of the AEK hooligans who fired the flares on the pitch (similar flares have been fatal in the past) shows that the use of CCTV inside stadiums, combined with a quick police response, can help tackle the problem of soccer violence. Soon, stadiums should become safe for the real fans, not a small minority of hooligans. However, the police should not leave the task half-finished. The absence of officers as witnesses at the trial of the suspected troublemaker is unacceptable. Police measures and electronic monitoring are not enough. The effort will be complete when the wrongdoer is brought to justice. Only this will send the message that the Greek state is determined to enforce the law. Impunity is a green light for further crimes. The police and judicial authorities must not encourage the perpetuation of unlawful behavior.