In whose interest?

The events at Panteion University yesterday showed two things: first, that enforcement of the law is subject to the whims of a small minority of unionists and, second, that the representatives of the student movement seek to tailor democracy to their own self-interested objectives. Student leaders are calling for the mass participation of students in the procedures that they themselves have decided (such as protest rallies) and at the same time seek to keep students away from vital decisions that concern the fate of their own university schools. The law that provides for the selection of university rectors by student vote was voted in Parliament. In other words, the Greek public has voted for an end to the shady dealings between politically affiliated student leaders and rectors. The only thing that the protagonists of these sad developments have managed to do is to show their true colors. They proved that when they cry for democracy, they are in fact serving the interests of a small group of unionists. Their struggle has nothing to do with the needs of the students, let alone those of the university.